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Donate with us

Chockablock wardrobe? Not enough time? Shoppers hangover? Unused items that don't deserve to be thrown away?

How does it work?

After you've donated your items, our team styles + shoots + lists your unused wardrobe - finding it the second home that it deserves. Fifty percent of proceeds from the sale of your items will go to to the charitable organization of your choice - as simple and transparent as that. Ensure that a cause #closetoyourheart receives funding straight from your donations by donating with us. 

What can I donate with TOM?

We are committed to curating the best online sustainable pre-owned wardrobe. Please refer to our 'Quality Guarantee' and the following when putting together your items for donation. This will ensure a smoother process so that we can start selling your items sooner. 

Condition guidelines:

  • Items are not dirty - no stains, marks, high risk areas are the collar, armpits, crotch, knees and bottom. 
  • Items have no fade marks, rips, tears, pulls (considerations can be made for items if the issue is minor and does not effect the overall appearance).
  • Consider the original cost of the item. Low value items do not have a good re-sale value. What would you pay for this second hand? We do not accept any items with a re-sale value of less than $20. 
  • Any items that do not pass our quality check or minimum $20 dollar threshold, will be sold in our semi-annual rummage sale. 
  • Please ensure that garments are clean as any cleaning that needs to be done comes out of the value of the sale.

    How do we price your items? 

    • We use a variety of sites and sources to gauge the most reasonable value for your pre loved items. we always welcome feed back or information that may help us evaluate particular items.

    Which charities am I allowed to donate to?

    • Any charity that is registered as a not for profit organization meets our donation criteria. Different organizations have different structures, but they do not have to be DGR (deductible gift receipt) applicable. We want to allow you a way to donate to causes that are #closetoyourheart. 

     When and where do we pick up from and can I drop off?

    We pick up during the 1st and 3rd week of every month between 9am – 5pm. Contact us to find out if we pick up in your area and organise a time that works for you. We generally only pick up in ZONE 1 (Melbourne PTV).

    We are also happy for you to drop off your donation items to our studio in kensington. Give us a call to organise a time. 

    What are the commission rates and why?

    The OpMarket has costs to cover including, but not limited to: staffing, rent, photo editing, website, and administrative fees. We want to ensure that your items are getting the best price and return, while being as transparent as possible. We have a sliding scale where we take less commission on each item the more expensive it is - this means that more money is going to your cause. See listing price scale below.

    First        $1 - $200    =50%

    From  $201 - $300    =40%

    From  $301 - $400   = 30%

    From  $401 - and up = 20%


    How long until my items are online?

    That depends on when you get in touch with us. New items go live on the website in the 1st and 3rd week of the month. We will schedule your listings depending on the next live date and notify you so can check them out and spread the word. You can also follow the progress of your donation on our website to see when they have sold and the funds are going to your elected causes.

    How long will my items be on the website for?

    We will list your items for 4-6 months from the date they go live on the website. At the end of this period depending on the season, they may be selected to go into our semi-annual rummage sale. If you would like to stay current and get invites to our pop up events, simply sign up for our news letter below. 

    Start giving a second life to your unused wardrobe by completing the "Donate Form.”