Quality Guarantee

To ensure we are curating the best online wardrobe of pre-owned fashion items, all items are 100% quality checked and authenticity guaranteed.

Whether you are looking to consign with us or are shopping for your “outfit”*, you can be assured we only deal with quality items.

The condition of the item will be on most listings with 100% transparency on anything that you need to know. If you have any enquires or require more information we would love to chat with you. Please call us on 0415 201 280 or email us at

All product images are taken in-house by our creative team with no retouching to items.

Common terms used:

  • BNWT - Brand new with tags.
  • NWOT - New without tags.
  • Like new, no tags - Garment worn once, or a few times in pristine condition. May be new with no tags.
  • Pre-owned items (according to T.O.M) are items either bnwt, nwot, worn once or worn numerous times.
  • Pre-loved items (according to T.O.M) are worn items but still in a good condition and passing quality check. 

*Outfit refers to that “nailed it” feeling when you love what you have on and are feeling confident in your own skin!