Were you wearing clothes or an outfit today?

Ever had one of those days when you’re feeling flat and nothing seems to go your way. Just one hit after another and you’re left feeling like there’s no way out? A walk down the street only leaves you feeling frumpy and wondering how every other lady looks so effortlessly stylish and confident?


I had this experience this week and it has lead me to place even more importance on thinking about what you want to express and how you feel in what you are wearing. According to Research Psychologist Peggy Drexler PH.D, clothes dictate the role people wearing them take on and that what you wear is a form of personal branding.


I thought that if I could create confidence in my own skin by simply putting in a bit more thought and dressing with the purpose of what I am trying to express – then why not!


So instead of just chucking on some solid favourites, I though about what I wanted to portray in the context of my day. I built my outfit around this purpose, keeping in mind the practical factors of being on the road all day – flats were a must!


And you know what happened? I felt like a rock star.


Remember how you felt the last time you nailed it? That “you go girl” thought and secret inner smile. I was strutting down the street feeling like everyone was giving me a nod – “great outfit today”. “ Thank you, I know” :]


It made think about how I feel in other contexts and why I feel so comfortable in certain clothes. Take ‘active wear’ and ‘sport luxe’ for example. How is this an expression of myself and my personal brand?


Being in ‘active wear’ is definitely a favourite and gives me that “you go girl” feeling. Even though I often end up in ‘sport’ luxe, it is how I feel in the outfit that brings the ‘lux’ to the table. I believe you are expressing yourself as apart of a community and that you are one of the tribe where feeling good, exercise, wellbeing and motivating yourself are at the core…and brunch of course!


So give it a go. Maybe taking that extra moment in the morning on what you want to express and how you want to portray yourself could take a pile of clothes into a rocking outfit that has you feeling awesome all day.