I always feel a special environment needs to be created to write. Favourite mug – check. Comfy spot – check. Good tunes – check. Right time of the day - Check. But really, I’m procrastinating. Ask me to create a look, throw together the latest flatlay, set up a space to create a story, but ask me to sit and write and havoc will break loose.

As they say though, nothing worth having comes easy and providing an insight and a voice for The OpMarket is worth having. So here it is. A look behind the wardrobe doors.

I wanted to find meaning in what I was doing and where I was headed. I wanted to find a way to give back while doing something I was passionate about. I have also struggled with being broke (note: currently writing this draft on the back of my electricity bill…) and trying to look a million bucks isn’t always easy. So often I find myself drooling over magazine editorials and constantly refreshing my feed to see who’s wearing what? Why does looking good have to cost so much? That is where The OpMarket comes in.

The OpMarket, or as affectionately known as TOM for this blog, is a stylish new take on op-shopping. It’s the kind of op-shop where you can shop online for quality pieces and designer finds at op-shop prices.  People selling their pre-loved items have the opportunity to designate a charity to receive the money from the sale – or alternatively receive the money themselves if sold on consignment.

By recycling pre-loved wardrobes there is the opportunity for new homes to be found, styles to be developed and charities to be supported. Not only will you look good but you’ll feel good knowing you’ve helped someone else!

Earlier this week, the team at The OpMarket were treated to a visit from Chelsea Butler - model, socialite and all round lovely human, at the studio for a chat and to check out our (very) humble beginnings and see what we’ve been doing in the lead up to the launch of The OpMarket, late February 2016)

So 3 cups of coffee later and Beyonce’s new song Formation on repeat, I’m pleased to introduce you to The OpMarket.

Mandy x

Chelsea Butler shot by Madeline Dell’Aquila