About us

The OpMarket is a sustainable Online wardrobe of pre-owned designer and quality brand-name fashion, shoes & accessories. We aim to empower men and women through fashion, while also making a positive environmental and social impact. We believe that our customer  deserves to have quality, sustainability and affordability. 

With The OpMarket

1. You can buy quality secondhand  -- Fast fashion is extremely problematic, but many people are unaware, or don't feel that they can make a difference in an everyday way.

2. We sell value -- We only offer quality items that have passed our inspection process and meet our guidelines.

3.  While your donations go to a variety of charities -- You donate items, we sell them, and then proceeds are given straight to a cause of your choice (Read more in 'Donate with us' section about how it works). Everything is done transparently and with integrity. 


The fashion industry is the world's second largest polluter and often leads to exploitative working conditions in developing countries.  We live in an age where most major retailers are not ethical or transparent in their practices, and fashion has become fast, disposable and cheap. The OpMarket is one solution to the fast fashion problem. While shopping second-hand may not immediately stop unethical business practices, it promotes conscientious decision-making and can make the retail industry rethink its strategy and priorities. 

Whether it is helping you find a home for your unused wardrobe, or helping you create an outfit you feel good about, we are your personalised stylists. 

Make a difference in an everyday way and be apart of the movement towards a brighter and more sustainable future.


 We offer free personal styling, publish original content on our blog.